1. How do you use this blog in the classroom?

Students are asked to write a review of a book after they read it, and post it as a comment to the review I’ve already posted. You’ll notice that sometimes this means that I’m posting “Review in progress” if a student has read a book before I have! Hopefully there will eventually be enough reviews on this page for students to see other students’ thoughts, so they can respond to what others have said. Teachers can search for book titles, to see what a book is about, and what kids think about that book.  If you have students submit comments, please do not let them post their full name.  Have them use only their first name and grade level, and if the form asks for an email address, have them use yours or make one up.  The email addresses will not be published even if they use them.  If there is a full name of a student on a comment, I will take it down, and will only put it back up if I have time to edit it.

2. How do I request a review?

I will be delighted to try and get a review up for you. However, please bear in mind that I am a teacher with two small children at home. You are more than welcome to submit your own review and I will post it for you. If you submit a review, please try to give a brief summary, who you think the book would appeal to most, central themes, possible controversial issues, and interdisciplinary instruction ideas. If you can find a reading level, send that, too.

3. You have a book up but don’t tell what level it is. Can you fix it?

If I don’t have a reading level, it means there wasn’t one available to me when I wrote the review. If you see a book up without a level, and you know what level it is, feel free to send it along or add a comment.

4. Can’t I just make my own blog for my own classroom?

Of course. But if we share this one, then we’ll have more books. My reviews are all my intellectual property, though, so please don’t copy my reviews. I would love to add your reviews to this blog, and save us all a little work. And don’t we have enough already?  If you send in a review, I will title the blog with the book title and author as usual, with “Guest Review” after the author’s name.  I will either give you credit or credit the review to “Guest” if you don’t want your name used.

5. I posted a comment/sent a review and it’s not up yet. What’s going on?

I have most things set on this blog so that I have to approve them first. This is to help avoid inappropriate content going up. If you plan on making lots of use of this blog, send me a message with your email address (rina_n_lexie at yahoo dot com) and I’ll be happy to share the log in information with you if there’s no way you can wait a day or two for me to approve comments.

6. What’s up with the stuff that says spoiler and highlight?

Sometimes things that might not be suitable for younger readers or things that reveal critical plot points or endings will be mentioned in this blog. To avoid these things being read by those that might not want to, I’ve put those things up in white text. If you click your mouse on the text right before this white space and drag it to the end, you’ll highlight the white text, making it visible.


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