Note to Teachers

This website was developed on a whim after my school librarian asked me to review a book for appropriateness.  I realized that while there are so many book sites out there, it can be difficult to muddle through them all, and often you have to google the book title (not always netting the most appropriate results) or search a book seller’s website, such as Amazon, for reviews.

For most of the books, I will attempt to follow a format of giving a brief summary, mentioning what grade levels I feel the book is best geared towards, what groups the book will most appeal to, central themes, and any controversial issues that may arise with the book (language, strong themes, etc.)  Once I have a review up, I may ask students to comment or submit their own reviews, and teachers are welcomed to do the same.  In fact, if you have a book you love that I don’t have up, or even one that is horrible and you want to warn others not to read, feel free to send me your own reviews.  I would love for this to become a place where teachers review books, and then have their students select a book on the blog to comment about.  In fact, for some books I might even offer suggested teaching activities, and I’ll be sure to mention how I’ve seen the books used in the classroom.

My hope is that this becomes an interactive, fluid site for teachers and students alike to discuss books and learn more about a book they’re considering reading.


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